-  20 August 2011

  • being around my dads side of the family makes me realize my dad isnt shit, but eh what can i say? still my dad i stll love em though 
  -  19 August 2011

blaaaaaaaaaahhh i miss tumblr i miss internet 

  -  19 August 2011

its been awhile

  -  21 July 2011

this brings me to my next point you know i was pissed! i still had my hair braided and in that damn cap! here i was looking a hot damn mess in this damn video because of my sister smdh 

  -  9 July 2011

excuse my hair :) please and thanks 

  -  9 July 2011


soooooo let me just give yinz guys the basic! my mom is old (who cares) she has four kids that are older than me Boy #1, Boy #2, Girl #1, and Girl #2 then ten years later (1991) she had me! Audrey Amy :)  (then there were some adopted kids that were thrown into the mix but thats neither here or there) anyways I am VERY close to Girl #2, I use to always say Girl #1 was my favorite sister but as I have gotten older Girl #2 been the one that has been looking out for me like crazy! So Girl #1 always says how shes jealous of our sisterly-relationship but #PAUSE GIRL #1 IS SOOOOO FUCKING ANTI-SOCIAL SHE NEVER WANTS TO STAY LONG AT FAMILY FUNCTIONS AND BLAH BLAH BLAH. Anyways this brings me to some of my points of why I really dont fuck with my sister Girl #1 :

  • I hate riding with her to places! Especially family functions because I for one think family IS VERY VERY VERY important and besides I love spending time with my damn family! But anyways if I pick her up and have her ride with me she always want to leave a hour after we get there WTF!? So I have to WASTE my gas and take your ass all the way home! & she dont live on the Northside like the rest of us…NO she lives on the West fucking side! So now I have to drive 15 minutes to take your ass home and then 15 minutes back to the function!? AND THEN WANTS TO HAVE THEE AUDACITY TO TEXT ME HOW EVERYTHING WENT…bitchgirl BYE
  • nexxttt I ask her to do something for me and she’ll be like ok sure whatever I’ll do it! BUT A HOUR LATER, always calls my mom and talks to her then decides she doesnt want to do it! WTF hoe, get your shit together man! That shit pisses me the fuck off…if there is one thing that gets under my DAMN SKIN its telling me you gon do something then dont do that shit like bitch wtf dont even say you gon do it! Say some shit like “maybe” or “we’ll see” I mean yeah i”ll be pissed but I wont be as pissed as you telling me you gon do some shit then you dont it! And her reasons be some bull shit ass reasons also! Like one time she stood me up for a date! A damn date!? A DAMN NIGGA! I hope he had some good dick too bitch because I dont get stood up especially not by no damn family member! A fucking SIBLING at that! Whatever happened to morals and stuff! Like "chicks BEFORE dicks” “sisters BEFORE the misters” “bros BEFORE hoes” like wtf! You wonder why you dont have friends and why your always bored! Have some damn standards!
  • Now this brings me to my last point today then im done venting! Im going home today my mom was going to pick me up…you know what Ima just make a video 
  -  9 July 2011

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